Empire of Reason Commentary No. 18

TO:  The People of the United States, November 29, 2023

Reply to Senator Richard Blumenthal

By Mark Albertson

* * * * *

          Being that I am Connecticut resident and also one of Fairfield County, I am a constituent of Senator Richard Blumenthal.  The good Senator recently returned from a junket to the Middle East, a fact-finding tour, middle of October, owing to the ongoing round of unpleasantness raging between Palestinians and Israelis.

          However the poverty in fact finding is obvious from the pro-Israeli flavor of Senator Blumenthal’s report to his constituents and, clearly is a prejudicial effort so as to foster a preferred narrative of one side over the other.  Showcasing, in no uncertain terms, the preference of the United States Government, be it in the control of Democrats or Republicans.  Such a stance makes it easier for America’s major antagonist, China, to portray itself as an anti-imperialist alternative to Western machinations that have been pursued here since the British East India Company opened relations with Shah Abbas of Persia in 1619 followed by the Ottomans in 1675.  

          Today the Western standard bearer is the United States, as the protector and benefactor of that Western colonial satrap that is the result of such duplicitous actions perpetrated by the White, Christian colonial powers of Europe—namely Britain and France—with the Sykes-Picot Agreement, Balfour Declaration, Treaty of Sevres, Versailles Treaty, Treaty of Lausanne, among that host of political justifications for control of the region’s oil and Suez Canal.  That all changed on Valentine’s Day 1945, when a dying President Franklin D. Roosevelt met with Abdul Aziz ibn Saud and consummated the deal:  U.S. military protection for the Kingdom versus preferential access to Saudi crude and every president be he Democrat or Republican has catered to that agenda ever since.  Leaving Israelis to be that satrap for Western control of Middle East oil and gas.  

          But the globe is changing and the United States is in an ever weakening position.  So Washington will continue to support Israel, whether right or wrong, which in the high stakes game of resource domination is relevant.  Tragically for the Israelis, they are being used as pawns, here, as well.  They are the ones constantly fighting the West’s battles in a never-ending struggle initiated by the Western imperialist powers over two centuries ago, leaving God’s Chosen People to battle and bleed for the Christian West.

          On to Senator Blumenthal. . . . 

* * * * *



           I’ve just arrived back to the United States from the Middle East where, along with nine of my Senate colleagues, I met with leaders in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Israel. Our bipartisan delegation pressed Saudi Arabia and Egypt to serve as regional counterweights to Hamas, Iran and Hezbollah.  We reaffirmed our unshakeable commitment to Israel as it fights to defend itself, so our regional cooperation can limit civilian suffering.

          I’d like to give you an update on the outcomes of this trip and speak to the national security inflection point in which our nation and its allies find ourselves.

          Hamas is a hideous terrorist organization that launched an unspeakable, staggering assault on Israel beginning October 7.  More than 1,400 Israelis, most of them civilians, were slaughtered in their homes or at a music festival.  Hamas has taken hundreds of Israelis hostages, as well as other foreign nationals including Americans.  I met with family members of these hostages while overseas, pledging America’s solidarity and support to return these loved ones home.[1]

          Similarly, in Europe, Vladimir Putin has launched unspeakable horrors on Ukraine.  Ukrainians have been butchered, and their very democracy hangs in the balance as Putin, a ruthless tyrant, continues to wage war on Ukraine’s rightful sovereignty.[2]  

          History teaches us if terror is left unchecked and unchallenged—if Israel and Ukraine fall to the likes of terrorists and tyrants—terror and tyranny will not stop at their borders. Our nation’s security interests are endangered in Israel and Ukraine.  Democracies must unite against invasion.  Standing with our allies is an investment in our own national security.   (Blackened by Senator Blumenthal for emphasis.)[3]

          But America can’t bear the brunt of allyship alone. Just as we’ve led the world in rallying to Ukraine’s aid, we must use our influence to rally support for lifesaving humanitarian assistance for all who need it in Gaza and Israel, for Israel’s right to defend itself, and for long lasting peace and security in the Middle East.

          That’s why the first stop for my Senate colleagues and I was Saudi Arabia, where we met with Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.  I’ve been an especially loud critic of the Saudi regime.  I raised my concerns about their human rights abuses and pressed them for normalization of relations with Israel.[4]

          Saudi Arabia must demonstrate a serious commitment to peace and human rights, and that can begin by working with the United States as a partner deterring Hamas, Iran and Hezbollah.

          In Israel, we reaffirmed our commitment to Israel, its right to defend itself, and the imperative to destroy Hamas.  When meeting with Israelis whose family members had been taken hostage by Hamas, I saw my own family.  I told them this.  I have a cousin fighting in the IDF against Hamas.

          After visiting with Egyptian President Sisi, I am very hopeful that Egypt will plan an even greater role in enabling more assistance—fuel, water, electricity—to reach the people of Gaza who are suffering desperately right now.

          Having returned to Washington, I will do everything in my power to pass the broad air package for Israel and Ukraine that President Biden has proposed. This package is exactly the right move.  Israel and Ukraine need our support now to protect their independence, and this is what will deliver it.  (Blackened by Senator Blumenthal for emphasis.)

* * * * *

          Since the Senator’s time is at a premium, this editor’s rebuttal to the above proselytizing of imperialist policies was confined to a single aspect. Such was dated October 27, 2023.

Good day, Senator,

          Have one question in response to the litany offered above:  If, as you state, that, “Democracies must unite against invasion,” then how come we allow Israel to abscond with Arab lands and forcibly eject the inhabitants from territories settled generations ago in Palestine?  Let me remind you of the message of the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917:  “His Majesty’s Government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of the existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.” (Blackened by editor for emphasis.)

          So the question here, Senator, is:  How can a bully power be a Democracy?  First, Britain, being the consummate imperialist, endeavored to use European Jewish people as a Western colonial satrap, to ensure its control of oil not only in Persia, but in a Western-inspired creation known as Iraq.  Hardly actions of a “Democratic” state?  The result being that presently, with every passing day, that British-inspired creation popularly referred to as Israeli Democracy, is becoming a Rightist regime of narrow-minded nationalists, religious extremists and land-grabbing brigands, drunk on the quest to create a Greater Israel at the expense of its neighbors.  With regards to the pilfering of Palestinian lands while violating the spirit of the Balfour Declaration, Senator, Israelis are not doing anything any different than what the Anglo-Saxon did on this continent to the Red Man, or for that matter, what the Catholic Church and Spanish Army did to Filipinos.  So much for God’s Chosen People, American Exceptionalism, Master Race, Mission Civilisatrice, . . . all are examples of the weaponization of language for the perverted justification of exclusivity of one people over another.  Man is Man, Senator.  He will always usurp his fellow man, consign his fellow man to bondage, make war on his fellow man and, when it pleases him for any justifications he may conjure, exterminate fellow members of his species.  Recall Adolf Hitler when he wrote in Mein Kampf,State boundaries are made by man and changed by man,” [See page 653, Mein Kampf, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1943.]

And, . . . 

          “. . . In general it should not be forgotten that the highest aim of any human existence is not the preservation of the state, let alone a government, but the preservation of the species.  And if the species itself is in danger of being oppressed or utterly eliminated, the question of legality is reduced to a subordinate role.  Then, even if the methods of the ruling power are alleged to be legal a thousand times over, nonetheless the oppressed people’s instinct of self-preservation remains the loftiest justification of their struggle with every weapon.

          Only through recognition of this principle have wars of liberation against internal and external enslavement of nations on this earth come down to us in such majestic historical examples.

          Human law cancels out state law.

          “And if a people is defeated in its struggle for human rights, this merely means that it has been found too light in the scale of destiny for the happiness of survival on this earth.  For when a people is not willing or able to fight for its existence—Providence in its eternal justice has decreed that people’s end.

          “The world is not for cowardly peoples.”  [See page 96, Mein Kampf, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1943.]


[1]  The reported number of Israelis killed by Hamas, 1,400, is open to debate.  In question, as well, is an earlier “report” of forty babies brutally murdered, giving rise to another propaganda stunt in 1990, consisting of Kuwaiti babies being pulled out of incubators by Iraqi soldiers.  

[2]  The constant reference by many American politicians and diplomats as to Ukraine being a democracy is certainly open to debate, owing to the fact that it is a corruptocracy.  Besides, The United States and the Russian Federation, having signed the Budapest Memorandum of December 5, 1994, pledged to respect Ukrainian political independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty.  To which Washington and Moscow are guilty of violation on all counts.

[3]  America willingly insinuated itself into the trials and tribulations of Israel and Ukraine owing to the fact it is responsible, in part, for these rounds of unpleasantness making front page news in the first place.  For America is the lead contender in the Great Game. That contest of rivals that, in the modern era, has been played for well over two-and-a-half centuries; though it is no longer Spain, Portugal, Britain, France, the Dutch and Czarist Russia.  Today it an anxious United States, a struggling EU, a hopeful Russia, an opportunistic India, a wary Japan and the major antagonist to a faltering United States, an enthusiastic China.

          The United States, as that signature power of the West, has had two goals since 1945:  Maintaining the Dollar as the globe’s reserve currency and, making sure that the resources of the world are controlled by the West, not the East, first against the Soviet Union and now, an upstart People’s Republic of China.  With their opposing doctrines:  For the former, Industrial-Finance Capitalism and the Privatization of Government versus Communist China’s use of State Capitalism and Socialism.

[4]  The United States is no longer dealing with Abdul Aziz ibn Saud or his sons.  Mohammad bin Salman is a 21st century leader who correctly sees the change in the wind. The United States is on the decline.  And he is going to direct Saudi Arabia towards a course that will see to its continued longevity, whether that is with the United States or as a member even of the BRICS nations, which is certainly not out of the realm of possibility. At the same time, it must be understood that Saudi Arabia is a Theo-Fascist state.  The puritanical Unitarian (Wahhabi) version of Sunnism is based on a community of believers united in their submission to God and, conforming within a monotheistic intolerance for Christianity, Judaism, Western secular ideals, and to which they view their Shia brethren as heretics.  Their “my way or the highway approach” as to their narrow view of the Sunni brand of Islam has been the essence of the Saud-Wahhab amalgamation since 1744.  Another example from history showcasing the fact that two of the greatest banes of human rights, political rights and civil rights are Religion and Royalty.  Indeed, one would be hard pressed to find a priest-ridden society of any value. Or in the words of Thomas Paine, It has been the scheme of the Christian church, and of all other invented systems of religion, to hold man in ignorance of the Creator, as it is of governments to hold him in ignorance of his rights.  See page 826, “The Age of Reason,” Part II, Thomas Paine:  Collected Writings, The Library of America, Literary Classics of the United States, Inc., New York, NY., 1995.

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